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For your eyes only:

This here is the secret section of our Web site. Comics and comics related jobs need a lot of preparation and are often very different in their first steps from their finished official versions. Here you can discover well in advance our latest concepts before publication, our next projects in blossoming phase, our future productions before production. See the way our weirdest ideas shape themselves into new works.
By clicking on each of the small buttons in the yellow stripe at the top of this page, you can visit the corresponding test area.

Apprenons le Franchais is especially designed for children to have fun learning French vocabulary through the Internet. Don't miss its next developments. (And no, this is not a mistake in the title... Just wait!)

El Zebrelito is the working title of the one after the next Schnecksnyder story. The storyline, some dialogues and most of the character designs are already finished on paper, and we'll be able to present them to you here in the next few weeks, when construction is completed. But, really, if we were you we wouldn't be too eager to meet the story's bad guy, Laszlo Toughbruiser.

The On-Line Comic is a weekly strip. It is only available here through the Internet. Since it is developping all the time, your feedback would be very wellcome, you could even influence the future parts of the story. Drop us an E-mail with your meaning.

More Next Jobs features a Free Preview of Schnecksnyder's next Story: This is a gratis Download of the first 9 pages of Schnecksnyder's next story, not yet published on paper. Unavalaible anywhere else for the moment!
It will feature also other miscellaneous or inclassifiable projects, sketches and ideas, like, for example, the rough cut of the Wings video-clip.

Your critics and suggestions about these works in progress would be the most helpful and will help more than anything else to put these productions-to be, on the right tracks. E-mail us your reactions. Thanks for the input.


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