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Some of our favorite links:

This page is not quite finished. So, the list of our favorite sites is for now very short and unorganized.
If you think that your Web site could be relevant to Skydog and to its visitors, send us an E-mail with your URL.
Right now, we recommend:


They're Art. They're different. They're realistic. They're from the realm of fantasy.They're technical.They're painterly. Axel Deus works on all level of photography and of computer design, often at the very same time! See for yourself at Axel Deus' multimedia gallery.


Jijé: There are a lot of astonishing artists (...and writers) in the field of comics. One of the most incredible was Jijé. He could simply do anything. His art has a masterly touch, rarely seen in commercial arts but which would have its place in any Fine Arts Museum. Visit The Jijé Museum.

Walt Kelly could write so funnily,intelligently, funnily, profoundly and funnily, about any imaginable topic. Unimaginable topics weren't spared either... A Walt Disney drop-out too, he could draw like a whole enlightened atelier of angels.
Check his almost unending saga of Pogo and the Okeefeenokee Swamp, in German, at Volker Niemeyer's Walt Kelly's Pogo Sumpfbewohner.

Spirou-Tintin-Forgotten Strips: For a long time, Belgian artists, writers, editors and publishers were dominating the field of comics at all levels: Artistically, commercially and innovation-friendly.
With such a big production, a lot of names and titles tend to get overlooked. Fortunately, those are not forgotten and we have even access to a lot of astonishing pictures thanks to The Museum of Forgotten Comic Strips
Don't miss their section on the famed legendary Mini-Récits, an incredible comics-format, thought up by genius editorYvan Delporte.

Yves Ker Ambrun: More about YKA and his work in Martin Frenzel's article at http://dafacto.de/artikel/kk/02342/index.html (in German)
You can see more art by YKA, too, by visiting http://www.comicspace.com/yka

The Beast in the Woods, YKA's directly painted Middle-Ages comics is generously displayed, in big format, at http://yka.comicgenesis.com



A wonderful site for children. For adults,too. And for computer freaks also, since it is a great example of a very creative use of Macromedia Flash. Don't miss Leo's Great Day (in German).

Graphic Supplies for Comics in Germany / Grafikbedarf für Comics in Deutschland

A rare opportunity in Germany: The Farbton shop, in Frankfurt/a/M offers all possible art materials for the comic artist, the animator and the figure modeler. Sculptors, behold: yes, they have Super-Sculpey there! Farbton will soon be on the Web, but until then you can reach them from Germany under:
Phone: 0 69 - 28 39 56
Fax: 0 69 - 28 78 98
E-mail: farbton@web.de

Search Engines

Of course, you know Google (German, English, French, Japanese, etc...). But where it can't help youz anymore, try Metager (in German).


Well, even graphic artists listen to music. and sometimes, even more often than some (those lonely late hours at the drawing board...). So, here are our best choices:
www.michelleshocked.com: Pure, communicative, aware Folk-Rock. You won't fall asleep ever again late in the night at the drawing board with Michelle and her musicians in your earphones.

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