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License to draw:

Not only do we write, plot, draw, sculpt and colorize our own characters and series, we can work on almost any other figure and story developed by you or any licensing company. Our Character Artist Yves Ker Ambrun designed, developped and supported all the production steps of thousands of Disney products, for eight years at the Walt Disney Company. He worked on the first German Mickey Mouse magazines to break the million-seller barrier. Characters in whole different styles from other licensing firms are no problem either. For example, Yves Ker Ambrun was one out of only three artists permitted to draw the Marsupilami in Europe for merchandizing purposes.

You can look our wide palette of examples of artworks and products using licensed characters, by clicking on the button Pictures & Samples at the right of the top yellow stripe,.

Drawings to license:

It works the other way around, too. You can take a license with us, too. Skydog owns most of the rights to its past creations. For some companies, it might be interesting to take one or a few of our characters under license and to develop their products or campaign around them. Naturally, Skydog furnishes then the best creative support.

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