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Graphic Design Samples

Strong lay-outs and bright graphics are a must in comics. But Skydog has taken this a step further by developing all kinds of products based on comics. Like here above, for example, our Product Designer Pierre Rouault created a life-sized Pocahontas Indian village (complete with waterfall). It was consructed as a giant moveable(!) point-of-sale/event for the Swiss department store chain Migros.
We've created trendy egg-timers and we've created sophisticated adult perfume flasks.

Come back in a few weeks when this section is completed and see for yourself. Until then, here's a concept sketch for a Braun electrical toothbrush featuring Micky Mouse. The challenge was to integrate a cartoon feeling to the design identity, without disturbing the functionality of the object. And yes, we did the same with Donald Duck! (...Under Construction)


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