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In Construction In Construction
In Construction In Construction
Schnecksnyder Episode 1: IT CAN'T BE POSSIBLE
Yves Ker Ambrun
Soft cover: 78 Pages
Size: 23 x 30 cm
Price: EUR 13,95  
(+  EUR 3,50 shipping inside Europe)
Publisher: Skydog Collection, 1st edition (Mai 2011)
Language: English (German edition available, too)

Direct order and shipping: Click here

Short review: It is all about how not going insane, while living in an insane world. (= ours! At least as depicted every morning in every serious newspaper, although the style is far from photo-realistic or documentary/biographical)
In the development of the story, the characters will devise, suffer from or get through all kinds of philosophical, ethical, and most of all graphic answers or, at least reactions to this hellish equation.
"It Can't Be Possible left us amazed and perplexed" — Gary Groth
"It knocked my socks off!" — Michelle Shocked


Mechaniko #1: Mechaniko Gets Created
Yves Ker Ambrun und Antonia Pont
Magazin: 24 Pages
Size: U.S.-comic-Book Format: 18 cm x 260 cm
Price: EUR 6,95
Shipping:  EUR 3,50 shipping inside Europe
Publisher: Skydog Collection, first edition (Mai 2011)
Language: English
(German edition available, too)
Direct order and shipping: Click here

Short Review: He comes from nowhere. Assembled out of steel and electronics. Out of bits and pieces. He hasn‘t got a mother, or even a soul. And they didn‘t bother giving him a brain! Still, they expect the world of him.  Will he make it? Will he become the infernal weapon they‘re hoping for? Or a protector-knight in shining alloy? The cruel burden lays on his shoulders. He is alone. Without a clue. He is Mechaniko.

"Yves Ker Ambrun's comics have three qualities that make them special: They are funny, they are sad, they are intelligent" —
Robertson Tyler

Free Preview of Schnecksnyder's next Story: Don't miss our gratis Download of the first 9 pages of Schnecksnyder's next story, not yet published on paper. Unavalaible anywhere else. Acrobat PDF Format. 2,82 MB. Click here to download

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